Stompy Cat Costumes Terms of Service

Because We Care

In order to provide the best customer service, there are a few requirements in order to commission Stompy Cat Costumes to make your dream fursuit/ costume/ cosplay. 

None of our products ship until 100% of payment has been received, including the cost of shipping.


When commissioning Stompy Cat Costumes we require a reference image in order for our quote to be accurate and understand what you'd like us to bring to life. 

Once you receive a quote and want to proceed with commissioning, a non-refundable research and supplies fee is due before any progress can begin on your order (this fee is a part of your total quote, NOT in addition to the price)

Individual projects may require additional actions from the customer (such as providing a duct tape dummy for a full body costume). Each customer will be notified of these requirements with their quote.

Our accepted methods of payment are PayPal and most credit/debit cards through square. Customer will provide Stompy Cat Costumes with their email address and will be sent an invoice through whichever form of payment is preferred by the customer. 

Payment plans are accepted and can vary on an order by order basis. The research and supplies fee is not refundable if the customer decides to pull their order before continuing payment. 

There are no refunds accepted.

If you end up unable to finish paying for your order, the product will be finished with an altered design and put up for public offers. 

We do ship internationally, customer is responsible for all shipping charges, including any import/export taxes and customs fees. 

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